"It is all about the African people"

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About us


We are a Non-Profit Company that seeks to improve the lives of African people, particularly those that are marginalized and living in poverty. At the core of our programs are community development programs that nurture entrepreneurship and provide opportunities for our people. 


Poverty is the biggest problem in Africa and Lodilux NPC is committed to playing an effective role in eradicating it. Our community development programs need fertile minds hence our focus on education as well as arts and culture. Education allows people to implement enlightened ideas to solve community problems.


Africa has a rich arts and culture heritage and in sharing these cultures, our people become more united. Pan-Africanism is fostered and maintained through festivals and exhibitions of our different arts which will reduce hostility amongst our people and minimize unsavoury clashes including xenophobia.




We promote Pan-Africanism, Non-Racism and Poverty-eradication programs in Africa.




We provide community development programs including entrepreneurship and education. The scope of our work includes transmitting Pan-Africanism and Non-Racism messages to the people of Africa.



  • Integrity

  • Innovative

  • Resilient

  • Empathy

  • Diversity & Inclusion

  • Simple